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Apollotek International represents the spirit and attitude to develop and apply solutions to the crucial environmental issue of Water as the most fundamental and sustaining element of life. Apollotek 's innovative technology can help resolve the growing shortage of clean water in the world. Therefore, Apollotek  is dedicated to be the forerunner in design, engineering and manufacturing of water treatment systems. Apollotek  specializes in water conditioning technology, also knows as water softening, reverse osmosis technology that ranges anywhere from residential to industrial. Apollotek  technology treats brackish water, use desalination techniques for seawater, and treat wastewater for commercial, industrial applications, and agricultural reuse. Here in this site you will have at your disposal a quick overview of our company. Make sure to visit our Wholesale and International sites as well for more information in those areas.

What's In Your Water?


Is your home and office water system really safe to drink? Find out what Apollotek can do for you.




Get special financing deals from Apollotek. Contact us today to see how we can help set up your new Apollotek water system.

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