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special-offerGet a complimentary USA MILANO 25 piece Barbeque Set, a 113 piece Cutlery Set, or a 12 piece Cookware Set upon completion of the annual maintenance service.


Apollotek residential products are sure to change the way you live at home. The delicious, clean taste of quality water, the softer showers, and the water used all around your home will be more gratifying than ever.

The Apollotek residential system will give you:

  • Cleaner Taste and Odor-Free Ice Cubes
  • Softer Water for Better Foaming Baths
  • Longer Life for Plumbing, Pipes, Faucets, and Appliances
  • Softer Clothes
  • Better Tasting Water

Not only will you get incredible results with the Apollotek residential system, but you also will be saving an incredible amount of money.

  • Cleaner, Crystal Clear Water for Drinking and Cooking
  • More Efficient Water Heater
  • Use Less Soap and Shampoo
  • No Harsh Detergents to Wash Clothes

What's In Your Water?


Is your home and office water system really safe to drink? Find out what Apollotek can do for you.




Get special financing deals from Apollotek. Contact us today to see how we can help set up your new Apollotek water system.

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