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Reverse Osmosis technology is the optimal way to rid water of impurities. Specially designed for house and apartment usage, R.O. systems utilize home water line pressure to push tap water through a special membrane. This process significantly reduces the contaminants and conveniently rinses them down the drain.

Carbon filtration removes chlorine and chloramines that the municipal water department adds to the water. The carbon filter also improves taste, and removes odor.

Prefiltration of the tap water removes all types of sediment. The prefilter traps dirt, rust, and various other particles.

The system also includes an automatic shut-off valve. This device automatically shuts off the system when the tank is full thus saving the unit from wasting water. When the tank has been partially emptied, the unit automatically begins again to process water. This feature conserves water and ensures you will have refreshing great tasting water for you and your family.

Through the use of Reverse Osmosis technology, we can deliver the great tasting water that you deserve, at a price you can afford.

How the Reverse Osmosis works:

The R.O. process uses a semipermeable membrane that has the ability to remove and reject a wide spectrum of impurities and contaminants from water using only water pressure. These contaminants are automatically rinsed down the drain. The purified water is then stored in a tank, providing you with great tasting water any time day or night.


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