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Water doesn’t have to taste or smell bad to contain harmful toxic chemicals. Water treatment facilities are geared solely for the prevention of waterborne diseases. In addition, the chlorine added to water by these treatment plants can react with organic matter present to form toxic, carcinogenic organic compounds known as Trihalomenthanes (THMs). A recent environmental protection agency survey identified over 700 potential hazardous chemicals in the United States water supplies.

Every drop of water counts, for every bodily function.

  • Brain 75%
  • Heart 75%
  • Lungs 86%
  • Liver 96%
  • Kidneys 83%
  • Muscle 75%
  • Blood 83%


  • Is 2/3 water by weight
  • Must replace 2-1/2 quarts of water every day
  • You are what you drink!


What's In Your Water?


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