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Special Offer

special-offerGet a complimentary USA MILANO 25 piece Barbeque Set, a 113 piece Cutlery Set, or a 12 piece Cookware Set upon completion of the annual maintenance service.


Apollotek is always thinking of ways to spoil the consumer. By gaining a valuable business partnership with renowned kitchen product company, USA Milano, we now offer great quality products.

Taking care of your Apollotek system is like taking care of the car of your dreams. By keeping up with your maintenance and check ups, you are guaranteed quality water at its finest for drinking and use.

milano cookware

You are entitled to receive a free USA Milano product which could include one of the following great USA Milano products!

  • 25pc. Milano Barbecue Set (pics)
  • 113pc. Milano Cutlery Set (pics)
  • 12pc. Milano Cookware Set (pics)

These quality and durable USA Milano products are available to you upon completion of your annual maintenance service. Terms and conditions: must pay for shipping and handling.

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