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A Double Tank Softening System takes the water purification process one step further, containing the water conditioner, as well as a second carbon tank. The reason a Double Tank Softening System should be used is because it extends the life of the water conditioner, thus saving you money. The reason for this is that when tap water filters through the softener, the resin in the softener rids the water of many impurities. However, one contaminant in particular, chlorine, reduces the lifetime of the resin beads inside of the water conditioner. The carbon tank acts as a pre-filter and can remove all of the chlorine from the tap water before the water enters the softener. This extends the life of the resin beads, making your system last longer by up to 50%! 

A Apollotek Water Purification System is an essential product necessary for use in all parts of the home:

  • Bathroom: The Apollotek Water Purification System produces soft water which helps soap and shampoo lather better. This makes them more effective in cleaning, while using fewer products to save money. Also, skin and hair will feel softer and not as dry. The system will also keep mineral deposits and soap scum from accumulating on bathtubs, sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets. Using the Apollotek Water Purification System will also save time and money, because it won’t be necessary to continually clean these areas.
  • Laundry: Washing machines will do a more efficient job in cleaning because they will use less detergent and produce greater cleaning results by up to 33%. Clothes will be cleaner, brighter, and will last much longer than with hard water. The washing machine itself will also last longer because there will be no hard water buildup on the machine.
  • Kitchen: Dishes will clean faster and will require less detergent to get the job done. They will also be free of spots and film because the hard water deposits will be eliminated. The dishwasher will also last longer, saving money all around.

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