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A water Filtration system is a very important product to have in your household. The reason for this is that most households have hard water which is detrimental to various household items, from water appliances to skin and hair. Hard water can cause many problems from stains and buildup on sinks and bathtubs, to scale buildup inside plumbing fixtures. Fortunately, there is a solution for these problems. Apollotek ’s Water Filtration Systems can fix these issues because they are able to remove the excess calcium and magnesium from the water that causes these issues and can greatly improve the life of appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and household plumbing by up to 30%.

Installing a Apollotek Water Filtration System in your home is an excellent way to save money as well as helping to make everyday tasks easier.  Using Apollotek ’s Water Filtration System will make appliances more efficient, while wasting less, which accounts for a lower energy bill. For example, soft water takes less time to heat up, so gas and electric usage to power the water heater is greatly decreased. Soft water also helps soap lather better, so less detergent is needed for the washing machine and dishwasher.  Clothes and dishes will come out cleaner without the use of extra soap. Another benefit is that soft water is better for your skin and hair. Hard water is harsh and drying on the body, whereas soft water returns much needed moisture to the body for softer skin and more manageable hair.

The way the Apollotek Water Filtration System works is by Filtering the water through a tank filled with resin, which rids the water of the hard water ions which are attracted to the resin. The water goes through many different mediums which each make the water purer and cleaner. Eventually, the resin gets saturated with ions, so there is a tank filled with brine water which flows into the softener tank and cleans off the ions from the resin so it is ready to take on new ions. This process is called regeneration and is monitored by the control valve.

Apollotek offers two kinds of Water Filtration Systems:

  • The Omega 7 Water Filtration System regenerates the resin in the tank when it is necessary to do so by calculating the volume of water being used. This is superior to other models which regenerate on a time schedule, rather than when it is necessary, saving energy and water.
  • The Masterpiece 7000 High Flow Water Filtration System is more advanced than the Omega 7 Water Filtration System and is able to be digitally programmed to regenerate the resin in the tank. The digital system is able to calculate exactly when regeneration is necessary, providing the most efficient usage of water and electricity.

There is a Seven-Stage Softening Process that the water goes through before it is ready to be used in the household.

  1. The water passes through the Softening Resin which removes excess calcium and magnesium, the main perpetrators of hard water.
  2. Next, the water runs though Granular Activated Carbon which greatly reduces bad taste and odor, as well as ridding the water of dissolved organic matter and harmful chemicals.
  3. The water is then pushed through the KDF water treatment medium which removes chlorine, chlorinated gas, and heavy metals.
  4. The water then goes though the Coconut Shell Carbon which greatly improves the taste of the water by sweetening it and also further removes other chemicals and gases.
  5. The water then flows through Fine Garnet Particles which reduce attrition and also serves as a supportive bed for the other high density media.
  6. The water then streams through Anion Resin, which conditions the water by targeting harmful anions such as nitrates, sulfates, and other dangerous chemicals and impurities.
  7. The water finally trickles through Gravel, which is a high-grade sediment reducer, and further clarifies the water. The gravel also reduces turbidity, or cloudy appearance of the water.

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